Taste the delicious flavor of our organic canned food, ideal in combination or also alone. Organic pesto, organic sauces, organic pickles.

conserve biologiche
conserve biologiche


We have chosen to create an organic line to satisfy the consumers who have changed their relationship and knowledge about the food they use to eat.

Food derived from organic farming excludes the presence of any synthetic chemical and of genetically modified organisms, substituted through the method of the integrated control. This consists of the elimination of parasites using various natural techniques, such as the introduction  of “predator” insects, thus safeguarding the health of the people and representing the best option to protect and respect our planet, its life forms and its biodiversity.


We believe that investing in the organic will be a way to sustain the new generation; it will help to protect our planet’s resources like water, preserving and improving the earth.

And what about our children?
Eating organic food is essential even for them, because it contains lots of vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants which contribute to a balanced and healthy growth; moreover our children won’t risk to expose their sensitive organism to chemical substances.


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